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Digitronic Autogas is a specialist in delivering tailor made autogas systems using the most complex, safe, reliable and economic components. It has over 20 years of experience gained during operations in over 30 countries in the world. Digitronic Autogas delivers over 100 000 best to fit kits every year.

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www.digitronicgas.lv available!

www.digitronicgas.lv available!

Following requests from our partners and expectations of the local market, we launch DIGITRONIC AUTOGAS website in Latvian language. We therefore encourage all Latvian speaking users to refer directly to https://www.digitronicgas.lv/ for all information about our...

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Forged Digitronic Autogas products in the market

Forged Digitronic Autogas products in the market

For some time on the markets of many countries appear fake DIGITRONIC AUTOGAS products used in automotive gas installations. Their origin is most often from Asian factories, which do not meet safety requirements, both during the production stage as well as testing...

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