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DIGITRONIC AUTOGAS is a specialist in providing tailor made autogas systems using the most complex, safe, reliable and economic components. It has extensive experience  gained during operations in over 40 countries in the world. DIGITRONIC AUTOGAS provides already over 200 000 best to fit kits every year.

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AT20 Single – Stage CNG reducer

AT20 Single – Stage CNG reducer

Among the range of Tomasetto reducers there is a new model - AT20 Single -Stage CNG reducer - single-stage pressure reducer for sequential injection systems, provided with inlet high pressure solenoid valve. Main features: single-stage compact dimensions (105x99x12mm)...

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DIGITRONIC Multipoint Software version Update

DIGITRONIC Multipoint Software version Update

A new version of the DIGITRONIC Multipoint Software version IC for ECU: MP32; MP48; MP48 OBD; MP6C; 2568D has appeared. The software update is dictated by the addition of a larger range of injectors. For correct operation, you must first uninstall the...

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