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DIGITRONIC AUTOGAS is a specialist in providing tailor made autogas systems using the most complex, safe, reliable and economic components. It has over 20 years of experience gained during operations in over 30 countries in the world. DIGITRONIC AUTOGAS provides already over 200 000 best to fit kits every year.

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DIGITRONIC AUTOGAS Manual for Software Update

DIGITRONIC AUTOGAS Manual for Software Update

Following the latest DIGITRONIC AUTOGAS Multipoint Software update to IC version, we present you manual, which, we believe will help you calibrate DIGITRONIC AUTOGAS multipoint systems based on the following ECUS: DIGITRONIC MP32; DIGITRONIC MP48;...

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Should we be affraid of autogas systems?

Should we be affraid of autogas systems?

There are many myths around whether gas installations in cars are safe. Autogas, as is well known, is always refuelled to a special tank, which is in fact is much stronger than traditional petrol tanks. Even during a very strong collision the cylinder will most likely...

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