Nowadays sequential LPG installations are a very modern and extremely safe way to significantly reduce the cost of operating gasoline engines without the need for integration into the functionality and appearance of the car. Many modern gasoline LPG systems are equipped with specialized LPG software that allows you to automatically switch to partial or full petrol.

Why use LPG software?

With very high engine load or very high engine speed, our LPG engine can run on gasoline or mix of gasoline and LPG. Those who want to safely operate their car for a long time under different conditions should immediately calibrate the LPG software as soon as possible. This is a great solution for those drivers who want to prevent a wide variety of impurities not only inside but also outside the injectors and in the tank.

Cars at full speed

During regular driving in the city, most drivers burn only LPG fuel – which of course directly relates to the generation of very large savings. The problem arises, however, when we have to suddenly increase the speed to, for example, overtake the car ahead of us. With the LPG software, our engine will automatically switch to petrol, thus maximizing engine performance.

Adjustment of LPG software

Each LPG gas installation must be properly adjusted in order to work properly. In the case of professional adjustment, LPG drivers are adapted to full cooperation with the drive units. Controls are also checked for the components of the system in terms of effectiveness and performance. LPG installation starts with the ECU driver setting. An installer who uses the diagnostic connector must be thoroughly connected to the control system. Such communication is done through a special computer program. The application allows to control all parameters of the work not only of the engine but also of the installation itself. If errors are detected during data reading, the ECU driver can find the source of the problem and correct the problem before further calibration. The operator must enter the exact technical data of the individual power unit and all the most important parameters of the installation. This is primarily the case with the engine temperature, which will automatically switch between gasoline and gas.

Test drive

Pre-setting the ECU driver is really nothing more than autocalibration. The engine of our car should work at low speed. Unfortunately, many gas stations finish calibration at this stage. In order to make our system work with best outcomes, it is important to tune the controller using a significantly higher speed range. In this case, of course, it is necessary to test drive the car. It is during the test drive that the experienced driver can accurately set the so-called. multiplier line.

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