DIGITRONIC LED 500 is an innovative gas switch, which in fact is the key part of the autogas systems used by drivers to communicate with the ECU from the cabin. Its main role is allowing the switch between petrol to gas and vice versa, but not only…

The LED 500 gives far more possibilities and, what is also important in very eye catching way. The key functions available on board of DIGITRONIC LED 500 gas switch include:

  • Fuel type selection by touching the capacitive button;

  • Integrated buzzer indicating system error;

  • Indication of gas level in the tank using 4 green LED lights and one red – applicable for LPG and CNG;

  • Automatic adjustment of the backlight and display intensity depending on external light;

  • Emergency startup on gas;

  • A warning LED “check” informing about potential incorrect system operation, which can provide informative functions;

  • Possibility of expansion of switch functionalities by adding program functions to meet to meet specific market neds related to operation.

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