Together with the development of motorization and its’ continuous improvement we can see still increasing popularity of autogas installations. High cost savings and environmental protection mean that more and more car owners are choosing to install gas in their cars. Contemporary LPG or CNG components are made from modern, high-quality materials that ensure durability and installation safety. Sometimes, however, the question arises how the power of a car’s engine is affected by the gas installation?

LPG/CNG installation does not adversely affect engine performance.

It is necessary to dispel any doubts, the gas does not destroy the engine and does not adversely affect the parameters of its power. However, if we entrust the installation of inexperienced gas to the company, the likelihood of poor regulation and the use of inadequate installation components can adversely affect the condition of the engine. You can still find installers who want to make their work easier for customers by offering low quality services. In order to maintain the long-term efficiency and power of the engine, it is necessary to choose the installation of LPG to its specific model ie. by using online configurator and entrust the work of experienced and professional mechanics. This provides a guarantee of the efficiency of the modified car. If the installation is carried out correctly, it is shown that the engine power drop in most of cases cannot be recognised. In some cases it can reach level up to a maximum of 4% of its efficiency, which gives a value that is not perceptible to the average user of a LPG or CNG-mounted car.

Advantages of autogas installation.

The most important advantage of converting cars into gas is the low cost of vehicle use. Vehicles with petrol or diesel engines, depending on the country costs about $1,50 a liter, while the same amount of gas at gas stations costs about $0,70. Another benefit of installing gas in your car is reduced pollution, which in turn has a positive impact on the environment. Moreover, by installing ignition overvoltages that equate lower gas velocities in the engine with respect to gasoline, we are able to increase engine power and torque.

Thus, a well-installed gas installation in a car not only does not reduce engine power, but can even increase it further!

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