On December 7, in Zielona Góra, the first, organised by DIGITRONIC AUTOGAS technical training for autogas systems installers in Poland, took place. The subject of the training was introduction and configuration of autogas systems designated for vehicles with direct injection system engines – DIGITRONIC DI60 and DIGITRONIC DI108. Robert Walczyk played the lead role as a trainer.

At 11:30 am, the conference room of the Aeroclub of the Lubusz Region was filled with experts in the field of autogas. DIGITRONIC AUTOGAS hosted nearly 50 installers and workshop owners, representing a total of 24 businesses. Among them, there were also 4 representatives of the ROCAR company, which was the co-organizer of the event. After greeting the participants of the training, a presentation of the DIGITRONIC AUTOGAS company was displayed. It showed the current achievements of the company, global reach and the benefits that come from cooperation with the brand. A very wide product line was also presented, enabling the selection of appropriate parts of autogas systems for almost all types of vehicles.

After the introduction, the first stage of the presentation began, which focused on the DIGITRONIC DI60 ECU. Robert Walczyk – technician for DIGITRONIC AUTOGAS, introduced at the beginning elements that are parts of the ECU set. At the beginning, a very positive impression was made by a solid, waterproof and shock-resistant housing. Next, the lecturer went on to presenting and configuring the system. The audience turned out to be very active and interested in the DI60 system and did not spare any questions about the extended capabilities of the ECU. After demonstration of the DI60 system, it was time for the next system from the DIGITRONIC AUTOGAS range of ECU’s for vehicles with direct injection systems, namely the DIGITRONIC DI108. As in the previous case, Robert showed components of the ECU set and explained in detail the use of the system. Subsequently, he showed all the software options and possibilities leading to proper configuration. To convert theory into practice, the DIGITRONIC DI60 driver was also shown on a Ford car.

After the presentation of the DI60 and DI108 controllers, a discussion began between the participants and representatives of DIGITRONIC AUTOGAS. It turned out that the main topic was the opportunities coming from implementation DIGITRONIC AUTOGAS systems to the Polish market. It was noticed that the systems presented during the training are much more solid, reliable, easy to assemble and configure than it was thought.

We are very pleased that our brand’s products have been so positively received in Poland. We will be happy to share our worldwide experience on the local market. “says Julia Furmanek, CEO of DIGITRONIC AUTOGAS. “I believe that Involvement of our guests in topics discussed during the training will certainly result in further trainings under the name of DIGITRONIC AUTOGAS” – adds Julia Furmanek.

At the end of the training, 4 lucky participants were selected, to whom DIGITRONIC AUTOGAS handed 2 reducers and 2 injectors. The rest of the participants were also not forgotten and everyone was given a bag with selected, from wide range, gadgets from DIGITRONIC AUTOGAS.

Curiosity, activity and above all, the smile and satisfaction of the participants showed that DIGITRONIC AUTOGAS products are already well seen in Poland. This will certainly contribute to the next steps aimed at promoting the DIGITRONIC AUTOGAS brand, which is already well-known all over the world.

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