“Life is like riding a bike. To keep your balance, you have to move forward “- these words by Albert Einstein inspire thousands of people around the world for years. Encouraged by this quote, we decided to cooperate with 23 people with a great passion for cycling. As a result, the Magic Team DIGITRONIC AUTOGAS was created. Among the members of this “magical” team, there are cyclinsts, who are already very successful in the world of cycling competitions.

“We are very pleased to be able to support the Magic Team DIGITRONIC AUTOGAS. Referring to the words of a well-known physicist, the balance that we managed to achieve over 20 years of the DIGITRONIC AUTOGAS brand has allowed us to take this next step forward, “says Julia Furmanek, CEO at DIGITRONIC AUTOGAS. Effort, dedication, perseverance, loyalty, fair play, aiming for goals – these are the features that describe both – our approach to business, but also the athletes we support. – adds Julia Furmanek.

Magic Team DIGITRONIC AUTOGAS is a group of people, who are in love with mountain cycling and carry their passion on the routes of marathons Kresowe around Podlasie voivodeship in Poland, Lithuania and Belarus. From the beginning of the season, which began on 24.03 with the race in Międzyrzec Podlaski, the team’s representatives regularly stand on the podium in both individual and team classifications.

Ever since we announced the information about collaboration with Magic Team DIGITRONIC AUTOGAS, the sports spirit has entered the company. I am glad to see that this cooperation has motivated us so much. In addition, many of us have already started taking out bikes and getting ready for the season, and as you know in a healthy body, a healthy spirit “- adds Julia Furmanek

Another step forward, another partnership – this time different than usual. We keep our fingers crossed and fiercely cheer on Magic Team DIGITRONIC AUTOGAS in the upcoming events. We believe that this trip will take us to many interesting places and not only!

We invite you to like the profile of the team on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/MagicTeamDigitronicAutogas/as well as doping on the routes of Maratony Kresowe – more info at: http://maratonykresowe.pl/

Watch us regularly for results of our competitors’ struggles – they will be reported on a regular basis!

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