On August 17 and 18, the Magic Team DIGITRONIC AUTOGAS cycling team competed in the next stage of the race called “Maratony Kresowe”. This time they took place in Żmudź and Janów, located in the picturesque Lublin Voivodeship.

During the fierce battle, members of the Magic Team DIGITRONCI AUTOGAS showed great perseverance, determination and consistency, which made us proud to watch them on the podium!

After two days of struggle, the team took second place in the team category twice. Individual members of the Magic Team DIGITRONIC AUTOGAS team won 3 times gold, 4 times silver and 3 times bronze.
Our riders once again gave us reason to be proud and the name DIGITRONIC AUTOGAS again beautifully presented on the podium.
We keep our fingers crossed and wish you further such great successes !


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