„Before a child speaks, it sings.

Before they write, they paint.

As soon as they stand, they dance.

Art is the basis of human expression” – Phylicia Rashad


Children are an unlimited source of creativity, ingenuity and energy, which they show before they even stand on their feet. Thanks to our kids, the whole world becomes more beautiful and their smile soothes our nerves and motivates us to continue working.

Unfortunately, fate likes to be perverse and not everyone get adequate opportunities to develop their passions and interests in a youthful age. There are children among us who have not had a light touch since the beginning of their journey in the world. Often we do not notice them, but they look at us from sad windows of orphanages or social welfare centers, hoping that someday they will have equal chances to develop.

Fortunately, there are people who, in the ubiquitous “rat race”, can hear the quiet call of these children and help them. This is how a charity event called “Rockujemy Coolturalnie” was created, in which DIGITRONIC AUTOGAS participates as a sponsor.

“Rockujemy Coolturalnie” is a huge music and acting workshop, designed for children from Orphanages, Social Welfare Centers and poor families. The originator of the whole project is Łukasz Sarnacki – the owner of the private music school “Rockalizacja” from Białystok, in which the whole action takes place. One of the teachers conducting classes under this beautiful initiative is the Marketing Specialist from DIGITRONIC AUTOGAS – Mateusz Demianiuk, who is also an active guitarist and music teacher at this school.

Workshops began on July 15 and were divided into 4 stays, in which groups of 10 people participated. Each day was a huge dose of novelty, which excited young heads to creative and unconventional thinking. On the one hand, the secrets of the musical world were demonstrated, on the other – impressive acting art, which combined phenomenally developed the participants, but above all caused a huge smile on their faces.

The action ended on August 9, and the entire event was crowned with the final gala, which took place on September 4. On that day, over 100 people gathered in the building of the Provincial Culture Animation Center in Bialystok, including representatives of companies helping to organize the entire project, directors and guardians from Children’s Homes and Social Assistance Centers, students of the Rockalizacja by Mapex school and the main characters of the whole event, i.e. children participating in the workshop. There was also a delegation of DIGITRONIC AUTOGAS with Julia and Jarek Furmanek in the lead.

“Joy is too small word to express what is happening. As DIGITRONIC AUTOGAS, we couldn’t remain indifferent to the event directed at children who, from the beginning, struggle with adversities. There are moments, in which you have to put aside worldly things and open your hearts to all who need it. I’m glad that this brick, which together with DIGITRONIC AUTOGAS we add to the action “Rockujemy Coolturalnie”, contributes to the spread of a smile, passion and helps to make dreams come true. – says Julia Furmanek, CEO of DIGITRONIC AUTOGAS.

After numerous speeches and performances, the end of the event was crowned with a song performed by the workshop participants. This accent ended the monthly action “Rock Coolturalnie”. However, it left a huge amount of warm emotions, musical sensations and, most importantly, smiles on the faces of children, which is the biggest reward for all those involved in the organization of this event.

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