Year by year the popularity of gas installations in cars is rising. This is especially the case for drivers who want to save money, as the cost of using a car for gasoline is increasing. Compared to using a car powered by petrol, autogas is much more pocket friendly. In addition, the issue of ecology, which is very important for every country becomes a priority. This is why drivers ask themselves does the autogas installations pay off?

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The more kilometres, the greater the savings

This is just a summary of the relationship that exists in LPG cars. First of all depending on country, a litre of gas costs around half as much as the same amount of gasoline. Of course, the installation requires investment, the costs of technical tests and the costs of autogas maintenance are also increasing, but it still shifts in favour of LPG. Especially at the large annual distances made by car drivers. The longer we have a gas installation, the more we save. For example, in the case of an annual run of about 20,000 km, the fuel savings achieved amounted to approximately $ 300 to 500, after additional spending has been taken into account.

How quickly does the investment in autogas installation return?

To estimate this, you have to consider parameters such as average fuel cost, installation cost, mileage, and fuel consumption. To calculate it you can always contact us and we will support you with it. This will help you decide on the profitability of your venture in a particular case. Anyhow, with a good run and planned longer use of a particular vehicle, it will certainly give you considerable annual savings. Also, when it comes to selling a car, it is a great asset. If the driver does not mind losing a certain amount of space in the trunk and needing to visit the service station a bit more often, it is certainly a good solution.

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