DIGITRONIC AUTOGAS has been enjoying the title sponsor of the cycling team Magic Team Digitronic Autogas for less than a year, which has shown in its first year of existence that it is an admirable rival.

October 24 is the day when we celebrate the international day of bicycles, moreover, this month ended the cycle of 16 races under the name “Maratony Kresowe MTB”. Therefore, let’s relive the course of this event and summarize the achievements of our cycling champions.

Maratony Kresowe MTB is a huge bicycle event dedicated to mountain bikers. They have been organized since 2009 and take place in the Podlasie Voivodship and in the Lublin Region in Poland, Belarus and Lithuania. Over 10 years of activity there were over 100 races, and only in the previous season there were almost 6,000 starts.

Maratony Kresowe is also the epitome of perseverance, consistency, the principle of fair play, support and friendship.

It is obvious that Magic Team Digitronic Autogas demonstrated these qualities on the road to success, which it undoubtedly achieved in the first year of ride. The team of 22 individuals, during the sporting struggle, won many gold, silver and bronze medals, thus showing themselves on the podium during each stage of Maratony Kresowe MTB.

“It was a time of incredible struggles in extreme conditions. We rode in huge heat as well as in thick rain and mud, which significantly increased the difficulty of the race. However, the support that we find in each other and in our sponsors helped us and certainly led to the place where we are currently. Thanks to DIGITRONIC AUTOGAS !” Says Piotr Trusiewicz, Marketing Manager at Digitronic Autogas and a member of the Magic Team Digitronic Autogas.

We are proud that as DIGITRONIC AUTOGAS we support such talented collages and add a small brick to their successes and achievements. Congratulations at the same time wishing you more successes.

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