“The best time to act is now and according to Mark Fisher, people who waste time waiting for the most favorable conditions to occur will never do anything”

Last year was unique in the life of DIGITRONIC AUTOGAS due to a number of changes. As a reliable and trustworthy partner with an open and broad view of the world around us, every day we take further steps to better support you in current and new ventures.

On November 19, 2019, we organized “KICK-OFF” for our team. The event took place at the headquarters of DIGITRONIC AUTOGAS in Bialystok and the whole evening was filled with
a unique atmosphere, attractions and surprises. We have also congratulated ourselves on our successes so far.

 “Customer satisfaction, goals achieved, new partnerships are the sum of both minor and major changes that each of us has made during this year. But remember that the Best is yet to come, although today as a team we can say about ourselves “We Are The Champions!”- said Managing Director Katarzyna Sobolewska.

Julia Furmanek, CEO of DIGITRONIC AUTOGAS, showed our strong position and the announcement of next plans.

 “As DIGITRONIC AUTOGAS, we’ve become stronger than ever before, and that’s just the beginning! I am glad that I can work with such reliable, hard-working and trustworthy people. It all shows that DIGITRONIC AUTOGAS is a great partner … “

We also discussed the successes achieved by the Magic Team Digitronic Autogas cycling team, which DIGITRONIC AUTOGAS is the titular sponsor of:

“During this year, our team took part in 16 races, in which they competed with 89 other teams. Perseverance, mutual help and determination made us the 3rd best team of “Maratony Kresowe”.
In this regard, I convey to Julia the cup that we received with the hope that it will proudly symbolize the partnership you have given us. ”
said Piotr Trusiewicz, Marketing Manager in DIGITRONIC AUTOGAS.

Joint successes are something special. They show us what path we had to go through, what changes to make and how valuable people we become thanks to reliability, openness and determination.

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