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Why your car should be converted
into autogas?

Advantages of converting car into autogas are numerous. Depending on the country, where the vehicle will be driven, it is always good idea to fit cng or lpg systems. Why? Because autogas will make a good savings on petrol expenses, it won’t affect car engine and it is safe.









Configure autogas installation
for your car

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Overview of the gas installation – Yes it is important

Every driver of a car converted to LPG or CNG autogas should be aware that as other spare parts, his components of the system need to also be checked regularly. In this article we will highlight few important aspects on how often car should be checked and what to look...

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Should we be affraid of autogas systems?

There are many myths around whether gas installations in cars are safe. Autogas, as is well known, is always refuelled to a special tank, which is in fact is much stronger than traditional petrol tanks. Even during a very strong collision the cylinder will most likely...

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Autogas systems of 4th generation

4-generation autogas installations nowadays are the most commonly used types of LPG supply systems. 4th generation installations can be slightly more expensive than 2nd and 3rd generation ones, however it is worth investing in components from reputable and valued...

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Asked Questions

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How to check if my car is suitable for autogas installation?

Autogas installation can be fitted in almost any car. The best option is to use the configurator available on our website to check on particular car model.

Is the gas installation safe?

Many drivers have a fear that gas installation may explode especially during car accident. This concern, however, is not justified and the risk of explosion of the gas tank is negligible compared to conventional fuel tanks.

Even in the case of very strong collisions, the LPG tank in the broken car remains untouched, because these tanks are made of much stronger materials than traditional gasoline tanks. Additionally, in a well-installed autogas system, a safety valve opens in the event of a fire in a controlled manner protecting tank from damage due to lowering the pressure. We encourage you to take a look in our knowledge base, where many articles including those regarding safety as well can be found.

How long is the installation of gas can last?

Every component of autogas installation need to be checked regularly. It is also very important to remember that LPG tanks every 10 years need to be recertified or changed. Once those maintenances are followed properly, autogas installation can last as long as the car itself.

Which autogas installation to choose - cheaper or more expensive?

There is no simple answer for this question. The most important is to choose system, which best fit in particular car. For getting the idea use our configurator available on our website. Decision whether invest more or less on autogas installation should be made after consulting it with workshop and confronting it with expectations of driver. There is always compromise between price and effectiveness of the autogas system.

How often should you review gas installations?

To answer this question first of all we need to mention that every 10 000 kilometres every driver witch autogas system should replace the filter. It is also very good moment to review entire installation. It is therefore recommended to do it every 10 000 km, despite the fact that some car mechanics recommend to wait until 20 000. We however advice to do it every 10 000 as driver will visit workshop anyway so we can save some time anyway.

Does the installation of autogas pay off?

Sooner or later almost every autogas installation pays off. It obviously depends on how much you intend to keep the car and how much will you drive. In knowledge base section you can find many interesting articles about this topic, so we recommend to visit it for more information.

Is it true that gas destroys engines?

Autogas doesn’t destroy engines – inadequate assembly and adjustments does. This is why every driver need to remember that the most important is to install autogas system in experienced and well trusted workshops.

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