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Why should you become one of thousands of workshops across the world installing over 100 000 Digitronic Autogas kits every year?

Tailor made solutions

You will get access to solutions suitable for specific cars being driven in particular weather conditions.

Warranty and trust

You will get safe and well trusted components with homologations and extensive warranty terms.


You will have access to trainings organised all across the world.

Technical support

You will get access to manuals and other resources available online 24/7.

Marketing support

You will get your workshop well branded, working clothes as well as other working materials and many more.


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What does Digitronic Autogas provide?


an autogas system for your client

Resource Center

The best autogas system – how to select it?

More and more drivers appreciate the LPG installation in their cars. Of course, the most important reasons are very attractive economic factors. The costs of setting up a professional gas installation return very quick, even if the driver decides for a more expensive...

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LPG Software

Nowadays sequential LPG installations are a very modern and extremely safe way to significantly reduce the cost of operating gasoline engines without the need for integration into the functionality and appearance of the car. Many modern gasoline LPG systems are...

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Manometer is a very simple and extremely useful device, which is mainly used to evaluate the efficiency of the gas system. The main purpose of, also called pressure gauge, is to accurately measure the pressure of the gas and liquid vapours. Manometers are the basic...

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