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Chevrolet Captiva is personal SUV. It was produced in 2006-2015 in GM plants by Chevrolet. The car has expanded the range of Chevrolet vehicles. It was created as an answer to such models as Kia Sorento or Nissan X-Trail. It was a global model, available in most global markets. Depending on the country, its name also changed. In South Korea in 2006-2010 it was called Daewoo Winstrom, in Australia Holden Captiva and in later years Holden Captiva 7.

Remember !
The Korean Chevrolet Captiva is not the same car in South America, because Opel Antara is offered there as a Chevrolet Captiva.

The following petrol drives were used in Chevrolet Captiva: R4 2.4, V6 3.2 and turbodiesel R4 2.0 and R4 2.2. Chevrolet Captiva’s first facelift took place in 2010. The front of the car, the appearance of the dashboard and rear lights have been thoroughly rebuilt. Next changes took place in 2013. This time it ended with a few minor corrections. Chevrolet Captiva production ended at the beginning 2015. Its place will be replaced by the third generation of the Equinox model.

The Best To Fit gas installation for Chevrolet Captiva 2.4 is:


DIGITRONIC MP48OBD – Waterproof, shock-resistant, waterproof ECU designed for the vehicles with up to 4- cylinder engine. Very easy to assembly, 3 in 1 sensor: the gas pressure, gas temperature, MAP sensor. With the new advanced software is able to work in the cars compliant with the Euro 3 standards and higher. It has the ability of the mixture correction according to the signals from the OBD and to reset function errors.


DIGITRONIC TOMASETTO AT09 NORDIC LPG – Digitronic Tomasetto AT09 Nordic is the newest model introduced in AT09 line. It is recommended for engines with horse power of up to 170 HP. Fourth generation gas reducer operating on propane-butane (LPG).


DIGITRONIC AEB POLYMER 4 CYL – The fourth generation 4 cylinder Injector Rail for LPG/CNG. Can be installed in a cars with a capacity of up to 60 hp per cylinder. Requires no adjustment stroke.


DIGITRONIC FL01 – Disposable LPG and CNG dry gas filter with paper cartridge.

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