The Nissan Qashqai is a compact cross-over car that has been produced by the Japanese Nissan group since 2006. It was a Nissan alternative to connecting the C-segment car with an urban off-road vehicle. Thanks to the very precise preparation of Quashqai designers, very quickly it became the leader in its class with the largest sales volume.

The first generation of Nissan Quashqai was presented for the first time at the 2006 Paris Motor Show. It was built on the same floor plate as Renault Koleos and Nissan X-Trail, which allowed to reduce production costs.

Two years later, an extended version of Quashqai: model +2 appeared, which had an additional row of seats so that it could carry 7 people. In 2009, the car underwent face-lifting, which brought a change of the engine bonnet, front bumper, fenders and the shape of the headlights. The shape of the rear lamps, which were also equipped with LEDs, has also been changed. The interior of the vehicle was trimmed with a better quality material and the noise level inside the cabin was reduced. In addition, the dashboard has been slightly modified.

The second generation of Nissan Quashqai debuted in November 2013 at the London Motor Show. The car has become, above all, longer and wider, also lower and lighter compared to its predecessor thanks to the use of the new CFM floor plate. The Quashqai as a  standard was available with air conditioning, hill start system, cruise control, suspension control system and many other interesting solutions.

In 2017, the car underwent a face-lifting, thanks to which Quashqai gained a redesigned bumper, rear lights, steering wheel and refreshed the look of the centre console. In the same year, another version after face-lifting was also presented. This time Nissan designers have redesigned the front bumper, introduced a new radiator grill, changed the filling of front and rear lights. In addition, the suspension has been modernized, the steering system has been improved, and the cabin’s interior has been significantly improved. Still, the list of improvements is much longer …

Both generations of Nissan Quashqaia were available in both petrol engine versions from 1.2 to 2.0 litres with power from 114 to 163 horsepower and diesel from 1.5 to 2.0 litres with power from 106 to 150 horsepower. In the presented first generation model with the 1.6L engine and 114 horsepower, the following elements of the DIGITRONIC AUTOGAS system were used:







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