On June 13, 2019 the training was held for the autogas systems installation. The initiators of the entire meeting were DIGITRONIC AUTOGAS and its long-term partner A.E.B. The whole event took place in the second-largest city in Ukraine, Kharkov. The main topic of the training was the LPG installation for cars with direct injection also known as simply DI. The training was carried out at the premises of Auto Trend.

The training started at 10 o’clock, from the welcome of the Auto Trend company among the DIGITRONIC AUTOGAS distributors.

“It’s always nice to welcome a new member of our DIGITRONIC AUTOGAS family. We are happy that we’ve got more and more partners all over the world, with whom we can cooperate. I’m sure that both our and your experience brings a lot sucesses and will prove that collaboration with DIGITRONIC AUTOGAS is always WIN-WIN-WIN” says Julia Furmanek, CEO of DIGITRONIC AUTOGAS.

After the ceremonial start, it was time to substantive content. At the beginning, DIGITRONIC AUTOGAS brand products were presented. There weren’t just systems for cars with direct injection, but also models such as MP48 OBD or 2568D OBD, which are the leading representatives of electronics for vehicles with a multipoint engine. Also injectors, reducers and DIGITRONIC AUTOGAS filters have been demonstrated. From that moment, the DI system and DIGITRONIC AEB DI60 and DI108 systems became the main heroes until the end of the training.

The first step was to demonstrate how two electronics look like. A strong, water-resistant and shock-proof housing drew attention there. There were also shown some differences between them. Then, the issues related to the assembly of these drivers under the hood were explained. It indicates the best places where they can be installed and explains why the indicated points are better than other nooks that can be found inside the vehicle. The next step was to discuss the correct calibration of the entire LPG system for direct injection. A technician from the A.E.B company patiently and successively presented the subsequent stages of the DI60 and DI108 configurations. The training ended at 18 pm. During the meeting a lot of questions were asked. There were many participants who had contact with the direct injection system for the first time. There were also those whom we met at previous trainings conducted by DIGITRONIC AUTOGAS.

“We are pleased to meet installers that we have previously hosted during the training. I’ve heard from some people that these trainings are so valuable that it is always worth coming to consolidate or expand your knowledge. This shows that the direction that DIGITRONIC AUTOGAS has chosen in terms of training is right and brings positive results. “ adds Julia Furmanek.

DI systems are more and more common among the automotive industry, which is why it is so important to train in terms of their installation under the supervision of specialists from such companies as DIGITRONIC AUTOGAS.