Following the latest DIGITRONIC AUTOGAS Multipoint Software update to IC version, we present you manual, which, we believe will help you calibrate DIGITRONIC AUTOGAS multipoint systems based on the following ECUS:


To quickly remind you what changed, we present you a quick list of changes:

  1. On the CHANGE-OVER page, in TYPE OF the CHANGE-OVER, the start ON GASand MONOFUEL options have been introduced.
  2. On SERVICEpagethe options, top EDIT CONFIGURATION has been introduced.
  3. Introducedthenew firmwaresthat managethenew functionsincludedinthesoftware, the firmwaresareloaded
    – MP48 -2001MP_ # 01149
    – MP48OBD -2001MPOBD_ # 00983
    – MP32- MP32_ # 00570
    -2568D -2568D_ # 01345
    – MP6C – MP6C_ # 01340
    It is necessary to update the control units withtheseFWifyou want to make all the changes made functional.
  4. In the CHANGE-OVER page as TYPE OF CHANGE-OVER it been introduced the possibilityto select two new options:
    -START ON GAS: By selecting this option the control unit starts directly on gas but everything else remains
    unchanged, so once the engine is started the control unit functions do not change compared to when selecting the change-over in acceleration or deceleration. Obviously, when this option is selected, all the parameters that determine the transition to gas disappear, such as the temperature for the change-over or the rpm threshold for the change-over.
    – MONOFUEL: By selecting this option, the control unit will operate like in Monofuel mode, and therefore in addition to starting with gas, ALL the petrol-related functions will be deactivated, so it will not be possible to change to petrol mode via the switch which will only function as a level indicator, moreover it will not be possible to use all the temporary petrol or petrol contributions functions and the control unit will not change back to petrol for low gas pressure