On April 13, 2019 DIGITRONIC AUTOGAS, once again came to Veliko Tarnovo in Bulgaria to carry out training for the installers of autogas systems. The main goal was to present the installation and calibration processes of systems for engines with multi-point and direct injection offered by DIGITRONIC AUTOGAS. Together with our partner – SM GAS we hosted almost 40 installers from all over Bulgaria.

Before practical training, Marketing Manager – Piotr Trusiewicz, showed a presentation that initially introduced the participants to the range of products proposed by DIGITRONIC AUTOGAS, benefits that flow from the use of these components and cooperation with such a strong brand. The next speaker was Maciej Dziemiński – a technician and trainer who conducted the substantive part of the training. In the first place he took systems for engines with a multipoint injection system. In a very concrete and understandable way he showed how to properly calibrate systems such as: DIGITRONIC MP48 and MP48OBD, MP32 and also 2010 designated for vehicles with 10 cylinders engine.

It is an honor to be able to conduct training for such experienced installers. I am equally happy with so many questions. We are here to serve our knowledge and help you achieve better results when installing autogas systems “- says Maciej Dziemiński.

After the lunch break, another part of the training started, during which other elements of the installation were discussed. At the beginning, the topic of reducers was explored. Well-known and commonly used models were presented including: DIGITRONIC AT 09 Alaska and AT 09 Nordic. During the presentation it was also highlighted that the line of reducers will be switching towards NORDIC instead of Alaska and Artic as well as towards AT13 XP instead of Antartic Super.Participants learned both technical information and the practical adjustment of reducers to the parameters of the converted car and the correct installation. Then Maciej Dziemiński went on to present the injectors. The installers present in the room were amazed by the huge selection and the possibilities offered by the b installation components. Here too, the DIGITRONIC AUTOGAS technician provided theoretical and practical knowledge, thanks to which we could all see the huge advantages of injectors such as: DIGITRONIC AEB POLYMER 2-4 cylinder, or DIGITRONIC DYMCO. Once again there were many questions and Maciej successfully  satisfied the curiosity of his listeners.

The key element of the training, however, was to show the simplicity of the software used by DIGITRONIC DI60 and DI108 ECU’s. Maciej showed that DI systems are very easy to use and it is worth getting ready to install such systems as soon as possible. It turned out that in the audience of the training, there were assemblers, who already install systems for direct injection and are very satisfied with them. It is thanks to a much simpler system than they expected. What is even more constructive, is the fact that the drivers themselves did not raise any objections or problems after switching to the DIGITRONIC AUTOGAS DI system.

We are very happy that we could once again visit Veliko Tarnovo and meet with such a great commitment of the installers. The strength of the DIGITRONIC AUTOGAS brand comes from extensive experience and vast knowledge that we are constantly expand and develop. With this preparation and approach, we are ready to pass on this knowledge, just like today to all gathered here. We are glad that we could come back and I am sure that this is not the last time “- adds Piotr Trusiewicz, Marketing Manager at DIGITRONIC AUTOGAS.