In the last week of June, DIGITRONIC AUTOGAS along with its long-term partner, AEB, organised a training tour in Uzbekistan. From 25th to 29th of June, the following cities were visited: Samarkand, Navoi, Bukhara, Karshi and Sahrizabz. Thanks to this, almost 80 LPG installers got an opportunity to learn about the reliability, safety and performance of systems offered by DIGITRONIC AUTOGAS. The training was conducted by an experienced AEB technician, Ion Mursa, who this time provided knowledge about the autogas kits dedicated to vehicles equipped with multipoint engines.

The first stage of the trainings was the presentation of electronic control units offered by DIGITRONIC AUTOGAS. The main heroes are therefore such systems as DIGITRONIC MP32, MP48 and MP48 OBD, which perfectly fit in cars with up to 4 cylinders. Appropriate solutions such as DIGITRONIC MP6C OBD and 2568D OBD were also presented for cars that have up to 8 cylinders. The technician, who conducted the training, described in detail the characteristics of each of these electronics, explaining the advantages of each of them and assembly advice. There were also many questions, which Ion answered without the slightest problem, thus proving his huge experience and knowledge of the equipment.

In the next stage of the training, the work of individual control units in vehicles was presented. The greatest emphasis was put on the correct configuration of the systems to bring maximum benefits from use to the final users.

Trainings, such as those held in Uzbekistan, bring many mutual benefits. Starting from developing knowledge of installers, by showing the efficiency and benefits that a driver using DIGITRONIC AUTOGAS products receives, ending in building relationship with our partners. This is, of course, only a part of the benefits that flow from running such ventures. Still the extensive experience we had opportunity to gain over 20 years of operations around the world, shows that it is one of the best paths to mutual success – supporting each other “says Julia Furmanek, CEO DIGITRONCI AUTOGAS.

It was a very busy but also very satisfying week, which showed how many installers appreciate the reliability of the DIGITRONIC AUTOGAS brand and with great commitment, drawing new knowledge about LPG systems.