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DIGITRONIC LED 500 is an innovative gas switch, which in fact is the key part of the autogas systems used by drivers to communicate with the ECU from the cabin. Its main role is allowing the switch between petrol to gas and vice versa, but not only… The LED 500 gives...

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LPG Software

Nowadays sequential LPG installations are a very modern and extremely safe way to significantly reduce the cost of operating gasoline engines without the need for integration into the functionality and appearance of the car. Many modern gasoline LPG systems are...

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Following requests from our partners and expectations of the Brazilian market, we now launch DIGITRONIC AUTOGAS website in portuguese language. We therefore encourage all portuguese speaking users to refer directly to digitronicgas.com.br for all information about...

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digitronicgas.hr available !

Following requests from our partners and expectations of the local market, we decided to launch DIGITRONIC AUTOGAS website in Croatian language. We therefore encourage all croatian speaking users to refer directly to digitronicgas.hr for all information about...

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Honda Accord

Honda Accord is a mid-range car, produced for over 40 years, which has already been developed in 10 generations. The Accord was sold on most of the world's markets in many model and body variants, adapting to the requirements and expectations of customers in...

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Volkswagen Bora

Volkswagen Bora is a passenger car produced since 1998 as the fourth generation of the Jetta model introduced to the market in 1979. A newer version was built on the A4 PQ34 floorboard, used among cars such as Skáda Octavia, Seats Toledo and Volkswagen Golf IV. The...

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Audi TT

The Audi TT is a sports car being produced since 1998 by the German Audi AG, owned by Volkswagen. The first generation of this car was produced on a joint and tested floor plate with Volkswagen Golf as well as Skoda Octavia. TT was initially available with a...

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