Every driver of a car converted to LPG or CNG autogas should be aware that as other spare parts, his components of the system need to also be checked regularly. In this article we will highlight few important aspects on how often car should be checked and what to look at during review.

What frequency of reviews?

Autogas systems are very popular across entire world. It is all thanks to very long list of benefits such as much lower impact on the environment and obviously lowering running cost. Unfortunately, many drivers completely forget that professional and regular servicing is essential for the efficient and safe operation of an autogas system. The frequency of inspections really depends on the type of our installation and on the quality of the gas we fill every day. Still to get some idea, we should take into account also types of the system.

So: “Mixer installations” require adjustment every 25,000 km and more “recent” systems (with sequential injection) should be reviewed every 15,000 km. The cost of a professional review usually ranges between $ 50 and $ 80.

What can we expect from periodic review of autogas system?

During the periodic inspection, first and very important is to exchange the gas filter. It is also very important to thoroughly check composition of the mixture and remove all impurities from the evaporator. The professional service also carries out a comprehensive diagnosis of the entire system. The cost of periodic inspections is even several times smaller than the later repair or replacement of damaged components, so it is worth to at least consider it.

Purity of gas

Modern installations very often tend to be more sensitive to gas purity. Taking it into account, we should also remember that if too much contamination enters the injector rail, it might no longer be possible to clean them thoroughly. The new stripe is an expenditure of even up to $ 200. So there is nothing to regret the money for a professional review of the gas installation in the car, before additional costs might be necessary.

Despite the review…

Every driver of car equipped with autogas system should remember that proper composition of the mixture is very important – especially for the durability and the service life of the engine. If the mixture is too rich, the consumption of gas is drastically increased and can also impact amount of pollution emitted to the environment. Longer driving on poorer mix can also lead to very serious breakdowns, which inevitably involves costly repairs. The time of combustion of the lean gas mixture can be considerably increased by the possibility of overheating of the engine and its damage.

We should therefore remember that despite all the advantages that autogas system give us, we cannot forget regular reviews of them. It might protect us from unnecessary expenses and problems during our journeys.

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