DIGITRONIC 3D iQ 8 is a powerful and modern 56-pin control unit with a 32-bit processor. It incorporates all advanced technologies and the latest developments in the gas and automotive industry. The most characteristic features include:


  • Additional injection of gasoline (card) – the ability to add gasoline at the same time as the gas injection in different card ranges. The dose of gas decreases in proportion to the added dose of gasoline
  • The ability to read the signal RPM from the injection pulse of petrol injectors
  • The iQ 3D connector (6-8 cyl) is the same as the DIGITRONIC 3D-S Power (6-8 cyl). It makes it possible to service and change previously installed units (without wiring replacement)
  • Auto-adaptation of ISA 3 – auto-adaptation algorithm, which regularly adjusts the dose of gas during the ride. The controller adjusts the dose of gas based on the pre-assembled fuel injection time map
  • Recognition of closed-loop and open-loop modes in real time
  • Each cylinder bank has a separate correction card (Bank 1, Bank 2)
  • Tests have shown that the use of ISA 3 practically approximates the gas consumption to the consumption of gasoline
  • Adaptation OL (Open Loop) – corrections are made as in the mode of “closed loop” (Close Loop), and that is very important in the mode of “open loop” (Open Loop)
  • Digital recorder (graphic oscilloscope) of the impulses of petrol injectors, gas injectors and engine speed signal. Allows real-time visual observation of the operation of injection pulses, the correspondence of the phase between the gasoline and gas impulses
  • Automatic configuration of the injection sequence – automatic determination of the conformity of the gasoline connection to the gas injector and their redistribution. Used in case of incorrect installation

  • Switch with level indicator.
  • horn signal.
  • PT-MAP sensor.
  • Harness with waterproof plugs.
  • Waterproof fuse box.
  • clamps.
  • manifold nozzle.
  • vacuum T-connector.

12 months warranty or 20 000km.

The warranty applies only when the installation of the product was made in the certified by the DIGITRONIC conversion center.

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