DIGITRONIC AEB 2010 electronics set


DIGITRONIC AEB 2010 is an Electronic Control Unit designated to manage sequential autogas systems in vehicles with up to 10 cylinders engines. It connects via harness through 3 sets of 24 pin sockets allocated at the bottom of the unit.

DIGITRONIC AEB 2010 is homologated in accordance to following standards:

  • 2006/28/CE
  • 67R-01

Main characteristics of DIGITRONIC AEB 2010 include:

  • Switch with horn signal and level indicator
  • PT-MAP sensor
  • Harness with waterproof plugs
  • Waterproof fuse box
  • Integrated OBD II

12 months warranty or 20 000km.

The warranty applies only when the installation of the product was made in the certified by the DIGITRONIC conversion center.

Configure Digitronic Autogas

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