DIGITRONIC DI60 electronics set


Designed for 3-4 cylinders direct injection engines.
IMPORTANT! To connect this ECU the DIGITRONIC USB interface with the following code 203000034 is required.
DI60 ECU is designed for 3-4 cylinders direct injection engines, in which the fuel is injected at a high pressure directly in the combustion chamber.

Waterproof, shock-resistant, aluminum housing
Waterproof 60-pin harness connector for connection with the unit
Intelligent software with lots of options
Supply voltage: Vbatt=10÷16V
2 power outputs for gas solenoid valves
Protection rating of electrical connections: IPX9k
Operating temperature: -40÷110°C
Current absorption with the actuators disabled: Imax=0.5A
Current absorption on standby mode: Istandby <5uA
Suitable with 3/4 cylinder engines


  • Switch with horn signal and level indicator.
  • PT-MAP sensor.
  • Harness with waterproof plugs.
  • Waterproof fuse box.
  • Integrated OBD II.


36 months warranty from the date indicated on the product.

The warranty applies only when the installation of the kit was made in the certified by the DIGITRONIC conversion center.

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