DIGITRONIC MP48OBD electronics set


Waterproof, shock-resistant, waterproof ECU. Very easy to assembly, 3 in 1 sensor: the gas pressure, gas temperature, MAP sensor. With the new advanced software is able to work in the cars compliant with the Euro 3 standards and higher. It has the ability of the mixture correction according to the signals from the OBD and to reset function errors.

Designed for all types of vehicles including turbo.

To connect this ECU the DIGITRONIC USB interface with the following code 203952000 is required.
Complete control electronic unit of the fourth generation, supporting OBD, designed for the vehicles with up to 4-cylinder engine.



  • Stikalo z zvočnim signalom in indikatorjem nivoja plina.
  • PT-MAP senzor.
  • Napeljava z vodotesnimi priključki.
  • Vodotesno ohišje varovalke

Ce produit bénéficie d'une garantie de 36 mois, indiquée sur le produit IMPORTANT! La garantie s'applique uniquement aux installations de gaz installées dans les garages certifiés DIGITRONIC AUTOGAS. LE KIT CONTIENT:
  • Contrôleur DIGITRONIC MP48 OBD
  • Commutateur avec le dispositif d'avertissement sonore et l'indicateur de niveau
  • Capteur PT-MAP
  • Harnais avec capuchons imperméables
  • Fusible imperméable

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