DIGITRONIC Dymco is an injector designed for gaseous fuels engines with capacity of up to 6l. It is available at 3 different size of nozzles of up to 2.4mm with flow range of up to 62 CC/stroke.

Available in both – Rail and Hose versions.

Main characteristics of DIGITRONIC Dymco:

  • Fuel rail assembly 100% leak tested
  • Control the mapping-factors with accuracy (Linear flow starting from 2.5m/sec)
  • Excellent performance even with dirty LPG and without fitting a protective filter
  • 3 different sizes of nozzle for engine capacity up to 6,000cc
  • Additional Red color of injector with maximum flow
  • Use of Plunger Rubber Injection Molding with special coating on the surface
  • Use of Special Rubber that can be used in a temperature range from -40℃ to +120℃

1.7Ω / 3.0Ω

Max. pressure

4,5 bar

12 months warranty or 20 000km.

The warranty applies only when the installation of the product was made in the certified by the DIGITRONIC conversion center.

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