Rail IG1 4 cyl


Rail injector for gaseous LPG and Natural Gas. Single version with 0.6 mm stroke. Rail IG1 has coils with 2-way built-in watertight connector, compatible with Amp/Delphi. Body made of shaped aluminium and lightened for better heat exchange. Not very sensitive to dirt accumulation, easy maintenance and easy to clean. Improved internal flow dynamics.

Working pressure

from 0,5 to 2,0 bar

Max. pressure

3,0 bar

Supply voltage

10,8 – 14,4 V

Inlet gas fitting

Ø10mm, Ø12mm, Ø14mm, Ø16mm

Outlet gas fitting

Calibrated nozzles M8x1

Calibrated hole range

1,00 to 3,25 mm (0,25 mm step)

Openning time

2,8ms / 3,2ms

Closing time

2,8 ms



67R-01/110R-00/ISO 15500


24 months quarantee apply from the date stated on the product.

The warranty applies only when the installation of the product was made in the certified by the DIGITRONIC conversion center.

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