Valtek type 07


VALTEK TYPE 07 is a compact and space efficient solenoid valve designed for LPG autogas systems. It is equipped with on/off shut-off valve with incorporated and replacable filter, which can be substituted or cleaned witout disconnecting the LPG pipes. Female inlet and outlet connections make direct fitting of VALTEK TYPE 07 to the vaporizer and supply pipes quick and easy.

Bigger Fuel Capacity (BFC) version for high volume engines available.

VALTEK TYPE 07 is homologated with ECE R67-01 UL standard 429 AGA Australia ECE R10-03

Coil connection

AMP Superseal

24 meses de garantía desde la adquisición del producto IMPORTANTE! La garantía es válida solo si la instalación ha sido realizada por un centro de conversión autorizado por DIGITRONIC

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